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About Us

Moon Syndicate connects our community with early stage blockchain projects. We have strong relationships with leaders and investors within the blockchain space. Our goal is to give our community leading insight and access to contribute to promising blockchain projects.

Private ICO Deals

Most of the profitable activity in the ICO space is happening behind closed doors in private deals. Usually only large investors or strategic partners are able to participate in these sales. In return for the size and early timing of their investment, they receive large discounts in comparison the crowdsale token price.

Why Our Members Get Access To Private Deals

Our community often receives beneficial terms with blockchain projects because, in aggregate, our total contributions as a collective are very large which gives us strong bargaining power. On top tier projects we also offer strong strategic value including consulting and marketing services.

Considering Joining Moon Syndicate?

How big is Moon Syndicate?

Moon Syndicate is not suitable for everyone. We only onboard experienced cryptocurrency investors whom we feel can add to our community.

Syndicate Members